About the Foundation

About The Loeb Foundation Serving Warrenton, VA and Surrounding Fauquier County, VA

A Foundation for Fauquier County, VA

The Loeb Foundation located in Warrenton, VA provides financial support to local charitable organizations exclusively located in Warrenton and Fauquier County, Virginia. Since 1992 it has given hundreds of thousands of dollars of support to registered 501(c)3 charities in the area.

During their lifetimes, Jesse and Rose Loeb were generous in their gifts to many worthy charities. Now The Loeb Foundation carries on their vision: to use their resources to benefit the citizens of Fauquier County and surrounding areas.

Things Local… Things Tangible in Warrenton, VA

The Loeb Foundation’s primary interest is in funding specific tangible projects through Grants and helping high school students with college scholarships in Fauquier County, VA. It does not provide funding for administrative or operating expenses. Some of the charities which have benefited from The Loeb Foundation Grants include:

  • Educational institutions
  • Public safety agencies
  • Social Service agencies
  • Health care organizations
  • Arts and cultural organizations

Many Charities Supported In Warrenton and Fauquier, VA

Here are some of the projects funded in Fauquier County by The Loeb Foundation in past years.

  • A portion of the construction of a cultural center at Lord Fairfax Community College in Fauquier, VA
  • Computers for Fauquier County area schools
  • A new library for Highland School in Warrenton, VA
  • A new command vehicle for the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company
  • Medical equipment for the Fauquier Free Clinic and Hospice of Fauquier County
  • A new MRI scanner for Fauquier Hospital

Foundation Directors and Officers

Thomas H. Kirk
Sue Ann Meek
Donald Yowell
G. Wayne Eastham
Richard Monahan

President, Sue Ann Meek
Secretary/Treasurer, Thomas H. Kirk