Grants in Fauquier, VA

Charitable Organizations in Fauquier County, Virginia
Apply for a Grant

Apply for a Grant

Eligibility for Loeb Foundation Grant

To qualify for The Loeb Foundation’s support in Fauquier County, VA an organization must be recognized as a 501(c)3 organization for IRS tax purposes, and must have a proven track record for community service. Some of the types of organizations in which Mr. and Mrs. Loeb expressed specified interest are:

  • Organizations promoting public health and safety
  • Fauquier Schools and other educational organizations
  • Arts and cultural organizations
  • Organizations supporting the well being of children
  • Social services organizations in Fauquier County

It is particularly important to note that The Loeb Foundation provides funding specifically for tangible Fauquier projects only. Funding for construction projects and equipment purchases is typical of the types of Fauquier grants provided.

The Application Process

The Loeb Foundation receives applications each year between February 1 and April 30. Its Board of Trustees, made up of men and women from Warrenton, VA and the Fauquier community and others that have been involved with The Loeb Foundation since its inception, meet in mid-summer to determine which charities will receive support and how much they will receive.

The Board views all applications with equal consideration, but those, which come from organizations with a demonstrated history of work in the area and a specifically identified project, are of greatest interest. Your application must include:

  • A persuasive and well-crafted case for support
  • The specific financial assistance sought, and a strong justification for the amount
  • A copy of your organization’s IRS determination letter
  • Annual Report and Mission Statement

Other specific information required is explained in The Loeb Foundation Application.